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InterWoven 5

Wendy Bell, Trish Castillo, Karen Cromwell, Lissa Jane De Sailles, Skye Etherington, Trish Flynn, Sally Holliday, Cathy Jarratt, Glenese Keavney, Christiane Keller, Robyn Levey, Jenny Manning, Ann McMahon, Janet Meaney, Bev Moxon, Adrienne Nicholson, Meredith Peach, Hilary Peterson, Gabrielle Powell, Mary Preece, Lisa Stevenson, Gayle Stockley, Claudia Tasche and Ali Zucco

West Gallery

9 July – 15 August 2021
Opening 6pm Friday 9 July

The fifth exhibition in the series, initiated by Gabrielle Powell and shown at Spiral Gallery Bega, Interwoven 5 showcases works by basket makers, textile artists and weavers from the NSW South Coast and Canberra region. Works in the show draw on a variety of weaving traditions and feature techniques including twining, coiling, stitching and assemblage to create works that engage with the contemporary world. Each work is a reflection of the maker’s passions and concerns that are expressed through the use of materials, which may include cultivated and gathered natural fibres as well as synthetic materials and found objects. Each work is also informed by the artist’s unique aesthetic sensibility and preference for technical practices.

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