Lyn  Davidson | Textiles | Celtic Fusion (The Me You Can't See)

Lyn Davidson | Textiles | Celtic Fusion (The Me You Can't See)

Lyn Davidson
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Harakeke (NZ Flax)
440mm high
440mm wide
40mm deep

This piece is a fusion of different techniques to blend together my love for harakeke and Maori raranga (weaving) with my Celtic heritage. People only see what they are tuned in to see - what the light reflects back into their eyes is often shaped by their own view of the world. My hope is that people will stop, take a moment to really see each other rather than pass judgement in relation to their own thoughts and experiences and be open to the realities of the life of the person they are looking at.

Please note, this artwork is currently on exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre and will not be available for pick-up or delivery until the exhibition has closed. Please check the Belco Arts website for exhibition dates.