Jenny Manning | Painting | Himalayan Honeysuckle (Lycesteria formosa)

Jenny Manning | Painting | Himalayan Honeysuckle (Lycesteria formosa)

Jenny Manning
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Pen and ink and acrylic on MDF
400mm high
400mm wide
20mm deep

Himalayan Honeysuckle is a highly invasive environmental weed that out-competes native vegetation by forming dense thickets that smother smaller shrubs and shade out ground flora.

It favours high rainfall areas of the eastern states of Australia and is now a serious problem in the Blue Mountains of NSW and the Mt Buffalo National Park in Victoria. Himalayan Honeysuckle is found in wetter cool temperate regions, gullies, protected hillsides, open woodlands, and riverbanks. (framed)

Please note, this artwork is currently on exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre and will not be available for pick-up or delivery until the exhibition has closed. Please check the Belco Arts website for exhibition dates.