Miniature vessel 1

Miniature vessel 1

Lauraine Parker
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87mm x 60mm x 60mm
Wheel thrown hand-carved bud vase

Lauraine Parker lives at Double Creek Brogo on the far south coast of NSW where she has been making functional ceramics since 1994. Made on the potter's wheel with her own blend of clay, each piece has its own individual character.

Her aim is to make aesthetically pleasing ceramics that are comfortable and always a pleasure to use, whilst imparting the love she has for each step in the ceramic process. From throwing and painstakingly hand carving the pieces, to carefully finishing them with glazes she has developed in her home studio.

Lauraine's intention is to create pieces that will become the first reached-for favourite in the cupboard. Firing in the range of 1260-1280 degrees Celsius ensures her wares are robust enough to withstand everyday use and will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.