Scarlet Geraniums  (the Contemplation of Nature)

Scarlet Geraniums (the Contemplation of Nature)

Diane McWhirter
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382mm height x 382mm width x 200mm depth
In the madness of the 2020 pandemic, refuge was to be found in the beauty of nature. On long daily walks, Diane observed the world with a fresh perspective: the bird-song seemed more melodious, flowers more dazzling, but life more fleeting and fragile. Each day’s walk became a small discovery in nature’s delights. Working in mixed media, focusing on colour, shapes, layers and textures, Diane catalogued this contemplation of nature in a series of small works. In developing this series, Diane was inspired by the optimism of how, even in tumultuous times, nature’s beauty provides a welcoming harbour of harmony and tranquility.

(Please note, this work is currently on exhibition and will not be available for pick-up or delivery until the close of the exhibition. Please check the Belco Arts website for dates.)